Although not an MUA, Pam is a total beauty junkie who loves makeup. Her entrepreneurial journey started early on, but the true marriage of her passions: makeup and entrepreneurship happened when she won a business competition that awarded her the funds to start bbeauty.

When she’s not working on bbeauty, you will find Pam listening to startup podcasts, googling alien conspiracies, and of course … doing her makeup!


You couldn’t tell by looking at her, but Stephanie Garcia is a bookworm. Her passion for reading quickly translated into a love for education, as she's gone on to pursue a Graduate Degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing.

Her education paired with her love for all things makeup have made Steph the perfect person for representing bbeauty both in person and online. 

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Her birth given name is Jocelyn, but everybody calls her "Joe". She's our research resident and runs operations. She loves all things spooky, including managing our packed calendar.

In her free time you'll see her skateboarding, working out, and going to punk shows. She's also a fan of spoiling her three fur babies whom she adores; her dogs Dimucci and Danarius, and her cat Sancho. 

“Ozzy” is a software engineer who has.... Fun fact is he grew up in Turkey and then lived in the U.K. until he completed his Masters in Project management. 

On his free time Ozzy enjoys watching Netflix, fishing, and (to do)

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Miri is currently studying mass comm and PR. She not only manages our social media, but she brings with her a vibrancy from having been born and raised in Mexico for half her life. Miri has a love for her culture and among her hobbies include a taste for art, music and makeup. Her favorite way to spend her time is by painting gifts for her friends and family and by listening to her fave Spanish bands CNCO and Morat.

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Avery is full of spark and creativity. He is a student UTRGV getting his Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Marketing. He is also a self-taught makeup artist and influencer who loves to focus on the biochemistry of skincare and makeup products.

Avery is a writer at bbeauty and contributes to their diversity department through focusing on influencers, MUAs, and brands.