What is bbeauty?

Put simply, bbeauty is a social media makeup only app. We built it as a special place for the makeup community to thrive. By focusing on only one community, we felt that it would create a special and more personalized experience for beauty lovers. 

Will there be new features in the future?

Of course! This is only the beginning. We have amazing features in the works and are working hard on expanding our app. If you have suggestions for improving our app feel free to contact us. 

How does one become a featured user?

Featured users are users that our team chooses. These users can be anyone and there are really no requirements other than being active and posting on our app. 

What are the main features?

bbeauty has so many features, but here are some of our favorites:

-chronological feed so that people who follow you will never miss a post

-the ability to tag your products so that people can see exactly what products you used

-the ability to add your affiliate links

-the ability to save looks as well as products

-the love we have in our community and its positivity 

and much more!

How can I link my products as a business?

If you are a small indie or new brand, rest assured we are here to help you be seen. Reach out to us so that we can show you how to add your products to our database. 

What differentiates Bbeauty from other apps?

We are founded upon the values of inclusivity, respect, and kindness. We are a makeup only app that is run by makeup lovers. We understand the problems and are trying our best to give back to the community and give it the place it deserves.  

Why is there no likes?

In bbeauty there is no likes, only saves (activated by the kiss button). As a user you can see your stats, e.g. everyone who saves your posts, follows you, etc. but these stats are hidden from everyone else. We are trying to build a community that is not driven or discouraged by likes, but is confident and comfortable in this space.

What perks does Bbeauty offer to users?

Aside from the quick and easy shopping experience, and forever chronological feed, bbeauty also offers users a points/rewards system which can be used in sephora or ulta gift cards.

How do I earn rewards?

Users can earn rewards through posting on the app regularly, promoting the app, referring new users, and buying products from the app.