What is bbeauty?

On the outside bbeauty is a social media app built specifically for the makeup community and their needs. We do this through features such as; the ability to save products, follow users, share products being used, finding reviews & discussions, and eliminating likes etc.

But on the inside… bbeauty is much more.

As someone who loves makeup I can tell you this. Makeup is so important… and not important. Makeup is necessary… and not necessary. Makeup can be incredibly transformative and therapeutic, but it can also be just. plain. fun.

And for me, makeup was all of the above. So one day I imagined, as a makeup lover and a member of the community, what it would look like if we built a place that gave us what we deserved.


What if we created a place that was inclusive and built with features that encouraged us to be kind to one another? A place that allowed us to feel represented through seeing others like ourselves.

What would it look like to see reviews that were authentic, not driven by profits but by honesty from others like ourselves? Where we could earn perks for the hard earned money we spend.  Where we could find products that matched our skin tone and type. Where we could find information about a product and make more empowered buying decisions. But also a place where as makeup lovers we could feel unafraid and free to share our makeup without judgement, knowing there is a community behind us. 

Bbeauty is our answer to all those questions. It’s the result of imagining what it would look like to build a better, more honest, and fair place for our community…brought to life by a team of people that love makeup.

We hope you love what we have built and welcome you to join our journey. Your support means so much to us. 

This is only the beginning.


Much love,


Founder & CEO of bbeauty